Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is it Broke?

The project was to identify a problem in everyday life and solve it in a radical/conceptual way. We were to present a few ideas in 1 week, then after our presentations, we had to choose one of our ideas and make it.
My final idea is a model of a cow's bum! This is the 1st initial sketch of it

The problem was cows emitting a lot of methane gas through flatulence. The solution...create a bag to fit over the cows bum to collect the gas which could then be supplied to gas companies. It's just a starter project so the design doesn't really take much consideration about the other things that come out of a cows bum....

 Starting to make the structure

Making the bum took the longest!

Found a rubber glove, perfect for the udder

Managed to buy some cow print material to make it look a bit more realistic. The model is attached to a wooden platform with a hole near the top to let the air through to the rear end. Nearly finished!


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