Friday, 7 October 2011

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Is It Broke? - Finished Result

Here is the finished result with a video to demonstrate. Everyone seemed delighted with the final concept and it got quite a few laughs.

Is it Broke?

The project was to identify a problem in everyday life and solve it in a radical/conceptual way. We were to present a few ideas in 1 week, then after our presentations, we had to choose one of our ideas and make it.
My final idea is a model of a cow's bum! This is the 1st initial sketch of it

The problem was cows emitting a lot of methane gas through flatulence. The solution...create a bag to fit over the cows bum to collect the gas which could then be supplied to gas companies. It's just a starter project so the design doesn't really take much consideration about the other things that come out of a cows bum....

 Starting to make the structure

Making the bum took the longest!

Found a rubber glove, perfect for the udder

Managed to buy some cow print material to make it look a bit more realistic. The model is attached to a wooden platform with a hole near the top to let the air through to the rear end. Nearly finished!


Monday, 19 September 2011

How to...make a bacon-butty

Amsterdam Pages

Had a trip to Amsterdam as a class and at the end of it had to produce a book. As a result we all joined together and did 6 pages each, this is my contribution.

Waverley Tweets Opening Sequence

The first video is an opening sequence for a 'Waverley Tweets' project. You can also see it on vimeo

This video is a viral for 'Waverley Tweets'

Winter 2010

The worst winter in a looong time! What better to do than go and take some pictures.

Seagulls standing on the River Tweed


 The frost even froze our lock from the inside and water dripped from the roof onto the handle

This Is Your Life

Visual data - As I use buses as my main source of transport (and feel I waste a lot of my life waiting on them!) I thought I would document the buses I got on each day and how long I spent on them.

A page out of my notepad

Wob - Wait on bus (mins)
Time - Time I got on bus
J - How long I was on the bus (mins)
Bus - Bus number
L or R - Whether i sat on the left or right side of bus

Each colour represents a bus, while the length of the the line is how long I was on the bus. Each line represents a day.

The grid below show each bus by colour. The length of each horizontal line is the time waited on bus, while the lines above the line represent sitting on the right hand side and the bottom is the left.

A Tattoo Design



QuardInq Logo Design

Seeds of Care

This is a gardening company that I created and branded. The company works as a kind of charity, which employs volunteers to help elderly people tend to their gardens. It is a way of lending an extra hand for those who like to look after their garden and also builds new friendships to those who might be a bit lonely otherwise.

I liked the idea of the dandelion seeds blowing in the wind to other gardens, so thought it would be a nice symbol for Seeds of Care as its is spreading the help and care to gardens of people in need.

This is the front of the business card

Back of business card (1)

Back of business card (2)

Back of business card (3)

Back of business card (4)


Back of letterhead

Press Advert